Run the install file to finish up.

Thank you for choosing unit Revit tools. If your download does not start, try again, or visit Autodesk App Store

Windows SmartScreen may temporarily block the unitTools_Export.exe installation file due to a change in developer conditions.

We are currently actively addressing the situation and believe that Microsoft will soon accept us as trusted publishers.

In the meantime, when installing or downloading, click view more to start the installation process.
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Run the unit tools installer

Double click the downloaded file in your browser.

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Click "Yes"

Click Yes to accept the User Account Control settings dialog and you are all good to go.

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Install unit Revit Tools

Follow the instructions to get unit Revit tools installed on your computer.

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to Revit

Use the login details from this webpage to sign-in to Revit. The license is loaded automatically.

Keep updated

In unit we look ahead and always prepare new features. We realize that a bug may pop up here and there, so we try to keep our software up to date. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and thanks to your feedback we can move forward.

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Our new features.

- New design

- Secure the created PDF file.

- Name the created file using a file name preset.

- Added the ability to share or upload already created file name presets.

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