Open in DWG

Command opens the current view in the default dwg browser.


Automate the export and opening of current views in dwg format.

If you don't want to fill your device with large files, you'll appreciate the ability to export only a selected portion of the view. More in Active selection export .

You can choose a template for naming the created files and the dwg export options, created directly in Revit. More in Dwg format settings .

Active selection export

If one or more elements in the view are selected, the tool automatically recognizes the selection and offers the user the option to export and open only active selection.

When you select the option to export the active selection, the view is cropped to the size of the selected elements and only this part is exported. After exporting, the view returns to the original settings.


Fig.1 - Notification for active selection.


Dwg file settings are available in the Settings: Open in DWG.

General settings

In the general settings it is possible to set the name, location and the maximum allowed time for which the file will be created. After exceeding the specified time, the user is notified by a pop-up window, where he decides how he wants to continue.


Fig.2 - General settings for the dwg file.

File location

  • Temporary: the file is stored in a temporary folder, which is deleted when you close Revit.
  • Ask: each time the command is run, the user selects the destination folder in which the created dwg file is saved.
  • Select: all created files will be saved in the default folder.
    • If the folder does not exist when the command is run, the user will be notified by a pop-up window.

File name

Select or edit a file name from templates. More in File name.

The file name setting from the templates is only available to users with an active premium plan. Free licenses use the default "unit name preset".

Dwg format export settings

Select a predefined dwg export option in Revit.


Fig.3 - DWG export settings.

Basic dwg format settings are available when selecting the default export option.

If the default dwg export option is not occurred in the current document, the default export option is used.