Licenses types

All information about offered licenses.

Unit Revit accessories are available for free. You will need to purchase a subscription to unlock all restricted features. For more info see: Tools comparison .

The licensing system is adapted to all users types or needs. Choose from our range of licenses, or take advantage of the unlimited features of unit Autodesk Revit add-ons for free.

Free tools

Download and install Revit extensions today to take advantage of all the features that are available for free and will never be charged or locked. Improve your productivity in Revit and make your work easier with a few clicks.

15 day free trial

After downloading and successfully installing junit tools on your device, the first time you click a command in Revit, a 15-day free trial with premium features is automatically activated. Activation does not require user registration or login.

An Internet connection is required for the license to work properly. The license is non-transferable and valid for one device only.

After the expiration date, you can use all the features available for free, or Sign Up and use the extended 60-day trial, or purchase a license to continue using the premium features.

Free trial up to 60 days

After successful registrations it is possible to continue using the premium features of the Revit add-ons for up to 60 days free of charge.

Simply log in to Revit with an account created, where add-ons will automatically load your license.

If you decide to purchase a license during the free trial period, the remaining days will be automatically added to the purchased license.


By purchasing a personal license, you gain access to Revit add-ons on any device. Only you decide whether to use the accessories at home or at work. Simply log in and log out wherever you need to take advantage of the premium features of our add-ons.

This feature is suitable for users who own multiple devices but only need to use one at a time.

The option to log out can be found in Revit in the unit/License section.


A business license is created for companies and small businesses, where there are often multiple users on one device.

The license is tied to the device without the possibility to log out. Once signed in, premium add-ons are available to all users on the device.

Manage License

All information about expired or active licenses, used and unused devices can be found in your profile in the My Subscriptions section.

Product activation

After purchasing a license, simply log in to Revit in the unit / License section, where the system will automatically recognize your license type.

Internet access is required to log in. All add-ons are also available offline.

After logging in, you will find all user and license information in the unit / license section. For personal licenses, there is also the option to log out in the pop-up window.

After logging in, you can view user and license information. If you have purchased a personal license, you will see the option to log out. User Id is the user designation for our internal communication, please use it when contacting support.