File name

Create and manage templates for file names.


Create, edit, or share the created file name templates with the team from the available parameters from the Revit document.

The following 4 editing options are available for each file name template selection options:

  • Edit template
  • Create new
  • Share created
  • Load new

Create new

Select from the available parameters used for the file name.


Fig.1 - Creating a template for file names.


  • Sheets: Select from common parameters for the sheets.
  • Views: Common parameters for all views in the document.

A parameter that is not occurred in the current document will be ignored.

Project information:

  • Information available in "Project parameters".
  • Titles:
    • File
    • Folder

Sequence and date:

  • Ascending value: The entered value will increase with each exported file.
    • The alphabetical order is, for example:
      • A,B,C...Z
      • AA,AB,AC...AZ
      • BA,BB,BC..BZ
      • atď...
    • Numerical order.
    • Combination:
      • A1, A2 ... A9, A10...atď...
      • A9a, A9b ... A9z, A10a...etc...
  • Date: Displays the current time and date in the selected format. See: Date formats.

Custom text

Spaces, text, or special characters that appear in the final file name.

Text customization

If the parameter values contain specific language characters, you can remove them in bulk for the entire file name.

Edit template

Edit the name, values, or remove the file name template that you already created from the menu.

Share created

When you select share created option, all saved templates for the file name are copied to the clipboard, from where they can be moved using the keyboard shortcut ctrl + V.

Load new

In the window, select the templates that have already been created, which will be stored in memory and displayed in the file name options.

In the window, select already created templates which are loaded into add-ons. Once loaded, they will appear in the template menu.