Export Views

Export selected views up to 5 formats simultaneously. Choose from a variety of properties and formatting options.


Our Revit export plug-ins are designed to save you time by creating documents for publication exactly as you need them.

A same file name for all formats, simply created with templates.

Create a pdf file with automatic page setup or additional security directly from Revit.

Available export formats:

  • PDF
  • DWG
  • DXF
  • DGN
  • DWF

Fig.1 - Export view window.

With quick settings, right in the window header, access frequently used options immediately and clearly. Select the final folder, file name template, and file formats.

Views selection

Views selection for export.

You can select using already created sets that can be edited, or by selecting from specific categories:

  • Sheets
  • Floor plans
  • Structural plans
  • Ceiling plans
  • Sections
  • Elevation
  • Detail views
  • Rendering
  • 3D Zobrazenie

A specific category is available if it contains at least one view.


The final folder for exported files.

With the ability to split files by format, you can create subfolders with a file format. When you select "Save all files in the same folder", all created files will be saved in a same folder.

File name

Select or edit a file name according to templates. More in File name.

PDF settings

Select Pdf print settings from Revit, possibility to create a single or merge pdf file, add security with a password or change document properties.

The maximum paper size per edge is 3276 mm (10' 8 31/32“).

PDF file security

Add password security for a pdf document, or change its permissions directly in Revit without additional programs.

Security level

  • 40-bit encryption: use for Acrobat 3.x and 4.x.
  • 128-bit encryption: use for Acrobat 5.0 and higher.

Document permissions

The master password cannot be blank to use document permission. After entering the master password when opening the PDF file, all blocked properties are available.

Document properties

Set the default document properties that will be saved in each file you create.

Set the default document properties that will be saved in each file you create.

Available data

  • Author
  • Title
  • Subject
  • Creator
  • Producer

DWG and DXF format settings

Select the default export setting option for the dwg / dxf file.

If no dwg / dxf export option is created in the current Revit document, the dwg / dxf files are exported with a default option in which other basic properties can be set.

Exporting to a temporary folder and then copying the files will ensure that the folder is not filled with unnecessary files created during export.

Do not create unnecessary files in BIM 360 that cannot be deleted. With the option to export to a temporary folder, you only copy the files you really need.

DGN format setting

Select the default dgn export option.

For successful export, the document must contain at least one selected dgn export option.

DWF format settings

Create single or separate DWF or DWFx files with Revit settings directly in the context window.


The export window shows a dialog box with selected views, final file names, selected formats, paper size for pdf file, progress, and error messages.


Fig.2 - Export views: progress window.

Once the export is complete, simply close the export progress window and find all the files in the selected folder.