Schedule export

Export selected schedules as separate files or merged into one final Excel.


Export the selected schedules as separate files or as one merged file. There are 3 formatting options to choose from. More in: Viac v: Formatting options.


Fig.1 - Window for schedule export.

With quick settings, right in the window header, access frequently used options immediately and clearly.

Select the final folder, the file name template, the option of single or separate Excel files, and the formatting of the created file.

Select view

Select from the available schedule in the Revit document.


The final folder for exported files.

File name

Select or edit a file name according to templates. More in File name.

When creating a single file, the schedule name appears in the Excel sheet.

Formatting options

There are 3 document formatting options to choose from.

Keep Revit format

When exporting, all selected schedule formatting options are copied directly from Revit.

Copied formatting:

  • Font type and size
  • Cell size and color

Export text only

Only text will be exported to Excel.

Use a template

Maintain company standards easily. Upload reports or always export tables in a uniform format.

When selecting the "use template" option, select an empty Excel program with the desired formatting to be used as a template for all created files.